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START Sprinting! June 3, 2017

STOP jogging – START sprinting! Hear me out on all the benefits of sprinting over jogging.

Lateral Subsystem June 1, 2017

The Lateral Subsystem looks at lower extremity control. Analyze the system in this general overview.

DLS Subsystem June 1, 2017

The Deep Longitudinal  Subsystem is our gateway to gait. Find our what muscles you need to walk in our general overview.

Lateral Subsystem June 1, 2017

The Lateral Subsystem looks at lower extremity control. Analyze the system in this general overview.

DLS Subsystem June 1, 2017

The Deep Longitudinal  Subsystem is our gateway to gait. Find our what muscles you need to walk in our general overview.

AOS Subsystem May 22, 2017

The Anterior Oblique Subsystem works for our stability. Can’t miss this general overview.

Protein Supp. Overlook May 20, 2017

My general guideline/overview for protein supplementation.

POS Subsystem May 18, 2017

The Posterior Oblique Subsystem is vital for movement. Check out our general overview.

Stretch & Mobility Guide Vol I  Feb 8, 2018

A stretch and mobility guide that will give you proper knowledge about positioning and focus when you feel tight or sore in certain locations. These are static stretches that are designed to be held for at least 30 seconds at a time.

Deadlift Tips: Slack Out of Bar Aug 20, 2017

A critical mistake a lot of lifters make is before coming up with the concentric portion of the deadlift is not taking out the slack out of the bar. What results is the shoulders collapsing in and downward, further effecting the thoracic spine.

Machine Tips: Quads Aug 12, 2017

Like Kendrick Lamar said, sit down! Make your quads actually feel the workout you’re giving them with this tip.

Machine Tips: Hamstrings Aug 10, 2017

Take the back out of your workout with this primary focus for your hamstrings when you’re on the prone hamstring machine.

Three Ways to Train Legs Aug 31, 2016

There are multiple ways to make strength gains when training your legs, but here are my top three ways of working on building your strength and size.

Unilateral Battlerope Oblique Blast Dec 23, 2015

Pushup position –Check mark symbol. Battle rope – Check mark symbol. Single arm – Check mark symbol. Core –Check mark symbolCheck mark symbol. Start counting when it starts hurting – that’s what makes a real champion.

Unilateral Kettlebell Push-Press Dec 14, 2015

Overload is the name of the game. Use a bit of momentum with these unilateral push presses. You’re not trying to stay strict. Focus on moving big weight.

Kettlebell Swings Dec 12, 2015

Kettlebell swings are a great accessory movement to help aid you in ground force contact, hip extension, and aerobic capacity at low intensities. Add it in your workout.

Renegade Rows Dec 9, 2015

Develop that total body workout with these renegade rows. Make sure to check off that your legs, core, back, and shoulders are locked in and active. Jorge had that focus alright!

Battle Rope Series: Russian Twists Dec 5, 2015

No medicine ball here – battle ropes. A different style and focus on core rotation. Remember that speed kills. All power all the time.

Battle Rope Series: Snake Variation Dec 1st, 2015

This is a basic movement with the battle ropes: snake variation. You’ll need to work up with volume on this one. Your success is determined by your effort.

Leg Workout ReMix August 17, 2017

Sampling off specificity and how some days you have to focus on keeping things light.

Upper Body ReMix August 5, 2017

Showing my progress in my overhead press programming along with other focuses of eccentric and isometric phases in certain exercises.

Leg Workout ReMix August 4, 2017

Showing more real-time work on a day that focused on legs at every angle and a killer superset at the end.

Leg Workout ReMix July 21, 2017

A sample of the current workout scheme that includes squats, lunges, hack squat movements, barbell glute bridges and more.

September Workout ReMix Oct 01, 2016

Freak accident caused my finger to break on my left hand in June. Fully recovered, here is my workout remix for September for Shoulders, Arms, and Legs.

February Workout ReMix Feb 26, 2016

Let’s bring it all together. The February workout clips compiled into one single source. From stickwork, to wheel stabilization, static holds, and dynamic movement.

Stickwork – Plyometric Switches Feb 7, 2016

Again something I did as a kid. People are sticking with just moving up in one path and don’t look outside the box. Haven’t seen anyone really push it to this limit yet. Put that timestamp on.

Primal Power Stick Challenge Feb 6, 2016

Saw this movement pop up all over social media. Honestly did this kind of movement before free weight at an early age. I had a wood stick. Others had dowel rods. Saw all the shaking and had to show it off.

DR Leg & Back Workout Jan 23, 2016

Even during down time, there has to be a workout. Here’s the remix to my DR workout I had at the Hard Rock. You really don’t need that much – just the necessities.

AF Series: Switches & Transitions June 7, 2016

It has been a while, but if you have been practicing, then this next phase should be a nice changeup to the normal routine. Be mindful of the floor taps and your foot position.

AF Series: Beast Wave May 7, 2016

In this final part of the form specific stretches, we will be going over two final movements in the beast form.

AF Series: Crab & Scorpion Reaches April 30, 2016

We’re going to the scorpion and beast form specific stretch. This is a great opportunity to test the true potential of your flow as we are coming on the home stretch.

AF Series: Deep Ape April 16, 2016

This time around you will find out how to dynamic stretch in your positions. First up is the Deep Ape Form. This requires a lot of control and effort on your ankles, knees, hips, and core.

AF Series: Traveling Ape April 9, 2016

There are two parts with the ape: the frontal and sagittal plane when moving. Be careful – stick too long in this position and you’ll be craving bananas.

AF Series: Traveling Crab April 2, 2016

This movement might be a bit harder due to the fact that we have to keep our hips up but just off the ground and the triceps locked out.

AF Series: Traveling Beast March 26, 2016

We’ve gone over the wrist mobs and static positions in weeks past and it is time to move. Remember to move your limbs together before moving on to the following movement.

AF Series: Static Hold Beast & Crab March 19, 2016

Brian shows us the proper alignment for these two floor positions. When you approach Isometric holds, you have to be tight everywhere. Your muscles might start to give out, but don’t give up.

AF Series: Wrist Mobs Mar 12, 2016

First part in Animal Flow is to mobilize those wrists. In Animal Flow, you’re on the ground on all fours and need to warm up properly. Brian from The Kilroy Movement is demonstrating all the steps to get your hands ready.

Animal Flow Series Announcement Mar 5, 2016

Proud to announce a series with The Kilroy Movement on presenting Animal Flow. A great bodyweight modality that trains your body no matter your current fitness level. I love it and can’t wait to show you why.