I used to pay gym memberships just to be able to get personal training. Once I found the trainer who truly applied his knowledge and understood my challenges and health goals I decided I’m sticking with him. I’ve been training on and off 2 days a week for the past 2 years due to some health issues but one thing that has been constant is my strengthening progress after I met James.

I have progressed from doing knee-ups to doing L shapes on the Cross-core equipment and to doing band-assisted Dips, increased the weights gradually, improved my balance and core strength.

After struggling with the health issues and deciding on a lifestyle change that best suited my needs I was a bit lost on the macro ratio but thankfully James was able to provide guidance and in the past 2 months I have seen more changes than before. I admire his work ethics, and his commitment to the client; he’s not focused on making clients “look good” but on helping clients feel good, have the correct posture, strengthening the areas that their body needs and helping them achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for a down-to-business trainer without being a “drill-sergeant”, someone who will listen and give you the best recommendations for what your body needs PrimalPowerFitness is your best choice!

Sofia Rodriguez

I met up with James back in August 2016 and started on my fitness journey because I wanted to get into the best shape of my life. I started out slow with 30-minute sessions and then progressed into hour long sessions that targeted my goals. James pushed me to a new level every time I came and he went above and beyond with his attention to detail and making sure I had the best training session possible. Even though we don’t meet with regular scheduled sessions, he provides me with programs so I can keep pushing through new barriers and never stop improving.

In a little over 5 months, I’ve lost 5 inches around my waist, an inch off my thighs and arms, 3.5 inches off my hips, dropped 6.5 points off BMI and dropped 14.3% body fat!

Jada-Lee McGill


Before I started personal training, I had gained some weight and became the worst couch potato ever do to a string of injuries (heel, back, and hamstrings).

“My commitment to a healthier lifestyle & James’ expertise equaled tangible change and satisfaction. ”

What was great was that James took the time to explain each routine which makes it more interesting and beneficial. He put so much emphasis on the correct form with each exercise. I definitely notice to change my appearance. I have never been better shape. Because of his efforts I feel more confident, stronger, and healthier. His training methods are challenging yet achievable goal setting and I thank him for all he has done for me.

Shermaine Lee


In January 2015, I made the decision to get personal training because I wanted to get more muscle tone, get leaner, and become more fit.

“The experience was better than any going to an Equinox or other overpriced gym.”

People did notice that I had lost weight and my wife noticed it considerably. I’ve become stronger and more confident since I’ve started. Some of my clothing fits better now they did before. James will target your personal training sessions to your personal goals and you’ll end the sessions with the skills to continue on your own.

Dan Mandel

Before beginning training with Primal Power, I was in relatively good shape. However I was not happy with my athletic capabilities and was unsure about what exercise programs would help me reach my goals. I also wanted to learn proper form and technique to ensure that my workouts were efficient and successful. Playing basketball against men as a 5’1 woman is challenging. My goals and objectives were to increase my speed, power, and strength. I also wanted to firm up my glutes, legs, and define my core.

“Thank you for forever changing my life.”

James’ knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is that for medical student. He was extremely patient and never failed to offer encouragement when I became disappointed on rough days. James truly cared for my success in performance. I was also impressed with his professional and caring disposition – it is rare to find a personal trainer that would take his own time to ensure their clients needs are met. I am a 5’1 woman who can now deadlift 230 lbs, squat 185 lbs, leg press 500, and I’m just getting started. I have incredible muscle definition, lighter feet, and a better vertical. I went from a size 4 to a size 0 and cannot believe what I have achieved in less than two months of training.

Dorcas Carlo