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Hyponatremia & Hydration: It’s About Moderation

My workouts lasted nearly two hours, three times a week working on compound movements, accessory movements, and band stretching. For the entire summer I sweated profusely – I felt “dehydrated.” I would be one of those gallon-bros who would carry a gallon of water with him 24/7. Trying to think in my head I gotta replace the water in my system that I am sweating out. Every day I would finish nearly the whole entire gallon or more. Soon I found out I was actually harming my body and playing dangerously close to developing hyponatremia.

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Foam Roller

Why Every Home Should Have a Foam Roller

If you suffer from DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness), feel stiff after a day of work or on a consistent basis, or feel that your performance at the gym has been decreasing for a while, this read is for you.

I say the word mobility and follow that up with the question, “do you even?” and I always get a shrug. Either “I ain’t got time for that” or “I warm up on the treadmill” is the answer I hear most of the time. Please stop “doing you” because that has not been helping you and if you are not proactive in improving your performance in the gym or on the field, you have wasted your time and energy. Let’s briefly talk about why you probably feel the way you do. Read More


Overtraining: Myths, Truths, & Confessions

 What you’re getting yourself into:

Approx 2000 words, approx 13-15 minute read

Key Points:

1. Overtraining can happen to anyone at any time and in most cases to professional athletes

2. Physiological, psychological, and nutritional factors or deficits can lead to overtraining

3. Intensity and volume seem to be the biggest culprit behind programming

4. You can self monitor yourself and understand where you need to rest or autoregulate

5. There are no reliable tests to measure overtraining; most symptoms are subjective, no ‘sole’ symptom

6. You can develop musculoskeletal injuries if unchecked – not just a lack of desire to train

7. Rest & Recovery protocol is the best solution to intensive training

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The Journey

Fitness was always a part of my life as a kid. My family was into sports like soccer, football, basketball, and even track & field. Growing up I always had the mindset that the more muscles and definitions I had the higher I’ll jump and the more girls would like me. That is what I think really kick started the importance of being fit for me. Running cross country two sometimes three times a week for three to four miles with my uncle and brother was amazing. I loved the wind and the outdoor environment. It always felt good, different but still good. Read More

The Good Old Outdoors

The good old outdoors is where my fitness journey began. From the time I could walk my parents had me playing sports. First it started with outdoor basketball tournaments which I did pretty well in, but I quickly transitioned to football. Playing football from peewee an all through highschool and even some in college has taught me a lot about training outdoor and honestly the most important thing I’ve learn is that training outdoors is that its a mindset. It builds a level a certain level of confidences to be dedicated to reaching your fitness goals even as people are watching. Read More

My Resurrection

Dreams are thoughts that as an individual you label as either impossible or too far in the distance to reach out for. It’s something that makes you vulnerable and scared. The following was not a dream – not manifested over a period of months or years. It was one moment that made me “click” and gave me the inspiration and energy to make this all possible: my resurrection. Read More