Our Background

Multi-Faceted Approach To Fitness

The Methodology

A background based on a hybrid theory in fitness & wellness. No cookie-cutter program here. No shortcuts. It takes hard work and dedication to be the best.


Place all the pieces together. Understand your static & dynamic posture, the pillars of strength that led you to success, and find weak-links to gain insight into the plan that will benefit you the most.


Begin from the level you need and exceed your expectations. Exercise selections meant to challenge you and proper progressions designed to connect body & mind.


Learn how to monitor all the variables in your life to control your success. Work on the proper mindset, incorporate wellness life-hacks, and round-out your nutrition with our guidance.


Feelings and sensations of improved body composition, endurance, and strength. Push for new possibilities and obstacles. Fitness is a journey that never stops moving – neither should you.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

We deliver high quality personalized private services for those willing, able, and determined enough to become a stronger version of themselves. Our communication is a priority to ensure your experience meets up to your expectations. The detailed process prior to any kind of physical exercise is designed for the purpose that on our end we get you to the finish line – we understand it is a different journey for everyone.

Professional Services

We cover all the bases: from injury prevention, mobility, increasing athletic potential, weight loss, and strength training. Our attention to detail provides you with quick progressions so that you feel each and every session is taking you further than you ever imagined. Testing individual limitations is important to progression – that’s why you need professionals with the right mindset and methods. Here at Primal Power we’re dedicated to just that using a wide range of exercise modalities.

Like What You See? Become Primal Today!

Begin that journey by training smart with progression and be amazed by what your body can do in just a short amount of time.