A worldly-understanding. Primal Power brings philosophies and approaches from every corner for the best experience possible.

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Health and Wellness is our priority. Apply our practice with help of medical & fitness professionals from around the world.

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Improve your performance with specific programs for body composition, strength, athletic performance, corrective exercise, and mobility.


Primal Power collects peer-reviewed science based evidence to support all of our claims on our blog posts and articles & also to back up our programming.

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From client performance, workout tips, exercise demonstrations, workout suggestions, and remix playlists – we’re all in.

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Break down misconceptions, understand the legitimate argument, and build a new foundation of greatness with our blogs & articles.


  • My commitment to a healthier lifestyle & James’ expertise equaled tangible change and satisfaction. I’ve never been in better shape; I feel more confident stronger, and healthier. 

    Shermaine Lee
  • The experience was better than going to any Equinox or other overpriced gym. People noticed I had lost weight and my wife noticed it considerably.

    Dan Mandel
  • Everything James did exceeded my expectations and completely floored me. I can now deadlift 230 lbs, squat 185 lbs, leg press 500, and I’m just getting started. Thank you for forever changing my life.

    Dorcas Carlos
  • I now have the tools and confidence to succeed in the gym. From body weight to free weights, I now know proper form leads to long-term success.

    Charlie Tingen
  • After struggling with the health issues and deciding on a lifestyle change that best suited my needs I was a bit lost on the macro ratio but thankfully James was able to provide guidance and in the past 2 months I have seen more changes than before. 

    Sofia Rodriguez
  • In a little over 5 months, I’ve lost 5 inches around my waist, an inch off my thighs and arms, 3.5 inches off my hips, dropped 6.5 points off BMI and dropped 14.3% body fat!

    Jada-Lee McGill
  • James is super motivating and ups the ante in terms of difficulty and complexity in ways that are challenging but sensible and tailored to where I am at each workout.  He totally knows what he is doing – his focus and concentration are incredible.

    Tony Mavilla

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